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Lara Yoder Named Housing Coordinator of the Year!

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Our Housing Services Program Manager, Lara Yoder, will be honored at the 2019 Housing for All Conference on October 24 as the Housing Coordinator of the Year.

At the conference, Lara will be recognized for the contributions she has made to the work of ending homelessness this past year. She inspires us everyday with the work she does. Congratulations Lara and thank you!

Getting this award is really cool and I appreciate the recognition. I have worked for 10 years in this field and I’m proud to say that The Life Link is a model program especially with the work we are doing with supportive housing training for peers. We have been offering very important services for many, many years and we oversee over 91 housing units, 45 units in our Linkages program, 36 units in the La Luz program, plus we offer technical assistance for all Lead agencies across the state so my team and I handle a lot! We work together well and keep our programs strong to serve our community.”

Click here to register for the Housing for All Conference

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