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Housing Support

The Life Link believes stable, permanent housing is essential for people to become integral members of a community. We are a community leader in advocacy for the improvement of supported housing and coordinated behavioral health services for the citizens of New Mexico.

The Life Link is Santa Fe’s largest provider of permanent housing for formerly homeless individuals and families. 

Housing Support

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Provides 30 permanent supportive housing units for those needing both independence and structure as they work on recovery from mental illness and substance abuse. La Luz provides an atmosphere of empowerment through the development of mutually respectful relationships with staff and peers. Requirements include meeting with community support workers, counselors and employment staff to develop and maintain individualized treatment plans. 

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Provides 45 units of housing and support services. Each household receives at a minimum a once-a-month home visit and additional support services as identified and agreed upon. Households will remain in Linkages program until 1) a permanent voucher is received or 2) self-sufficiency is achieved and the rental funds are no longer needed. 
For more information about Linkages, please call The Life Link Housing Department at 505-438-0010 

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Permanent Supportive Housing voucher program provides rental assistance for permanent 
housing in connection with supportive services. The rental assistance is provided by HUD (Housing and Urban Development) with The Life Link matching that rental assistance with an equal amount of supportive services.

For more information about Shelter Plus Care, please call The Life Link Housing Department
at 505-438-0010

HOUSING WALK-IN HOURS: Monday - Friday from 8AM - 11AM  Go to our La Luz Building at 2325 Cerrillos Rd. Enter at our Admin Office "Main" entrance and check-in with the receptionist.

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Rental and Utility Assistance is based on funding availability and program requirements. 

For more information please call The Life Link Housing Department at 505-438-0010

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