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The Clubhouse

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A Place to be Welcomed, A Place to Grow, A Place to Belong
For clients enrolled in our clinical services

1318 LUANA ST.

(505) 438-0010 ext. 70

Skill-building and fun activities in a comfortable clubhouse setting.

Computers, wellness information, and life-skills training

“There are great resources here. You know you can go to the library, but you don’t get the warmth and caring that you feel at the clubhouse. The beauty of this place is that it creates for members a safe place to individually and collectively learn recovery in so many positive ways.”

Clubhouse Philosophy

Clubhouse hours are from 9 am-3 pm Monday through Friday.


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Who We Are
Santa Fe Clubhouse is a model of psychosocial rehabilitation inspired by the successful Fountain House founded in 1948. Participants are “members”, not patients or clients.

Members and staff work together in an atmosphere of mutual caring and respect, while performing the wide variety of tasks necessary to operate the Clubhouse. In doing so, members experience meaningful work, practice social skills, build relationships and create opportunities, all while developing the confidence and skills essential to successfully function within their community.

Who We Serve
The Clubhouse serves people recovering from serious mental illness and substance use. Any client of The Life Link may have the opportunity to become a member if deemed appropriate. (Ask your case manager, therapist or intake coordinator about a referral.) The facility concentrates on maintaining a client-centered focus by providing a space where members make decisions, present ideas on the operation of the facility and give suggestions as to what kinds of activities they would like to see offered.

Each weekday, members arrive, pour themselves a cup of coffee or tea, greet friends and staff, sign up for the daily tasks and for the psycho-social rehabilitation groups.

Any client of The Life Link may be a member of this club and is encouraged to participate. The Clubhouse offers a place where members make decisions and offer ideas on the operation of the facility and suggest what kinds of activities they would like to see offered. Each weekday, members arrive, pour themselves cup of coffee or tea, great friends and staff, and have the opportunity to sign up for work that needs to be completed for the day.

The Santa Fe Clubhouse is focused on the work-ordered day. Members help prepare the noon lunch, wash dishes, answer phones, sweep floors, and clean bathrooms. One very important job – working in the kitchen – builds friendships, is a great place to tell good stories, express concerns, and laugh at jokes. But members also learn to cook and share their cooking skills with others, and gain experience in a semi-commercial kitchen setting. These skills help build a resume for those who are interested in restaurant work. The meals have been extraordinary.

The Clubhouse also features numerous groups and classes for members to choose from that range from job skills, creative writing, money management, yoga, GED and others. Some of the groups are member run; others are facilitated by staff.


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