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Mental Health Services

The Life Link offers individual and group therapy.
As with all of our programs, The Life Link's mental health services are
based in the most effective evidence-based practices available.
Evidence-based practices are those that are based on a clear and
well-articulated theory and have been demonstrated to be effective for particular problems and populations.

We offer the latest in cognitive-behavioral treatments that are designed
to offer education, improve self awareness, manage symptoms more effectively, build healthier living skills, and provide tools for future
successand problem solving.

Licensed by the State as a Community Mental
Health Center,
The Life Link offers help for those experiencing difficulties with depression, anxiety, bipolar conditions, and other chronic and persistent mental illness.


The Life Link employs counselors with a wealth of training and experience in a wide range of mental health issues, as well as a staff psychiatrist to prescribe and monitor medication when needed. 

The Staff at The Life Link includes:

  • A psychiatrist

  • A clinical psychologist

  • licensed social workers

  • CCSS (Comprehensive Community Support Services) and CPSWs (Certified Peer Support Workers)

  • Art Therapists

  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation

  • Employment and Housing Specialists

  • Licensed Counselors trained in substance abuse/addictions, co-occurring disorders, grief/loss issues, mental/emotional problems, relationship issues, family problems, domestic violence, and anger issues.

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