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Clubhouse Philosophy

Through the experience of meaningful participation in a safe place, members develop healthy relationships while gaining the self-confidence and other skills necessary to integrate back into the larger community. When people join the Clubhouse, they have the opportunity to practice life skills essential for being successful in their own homes and community. All member contributions inside the Clubhouse are done on a voluntary basis. Contributions include:

* Newsletter Production and Other Publications
* Receptionist Duties
* Cooking
* Bussing Tables
* Dish-washing
* Cleaning

Independent employment is also a goal for many members. Members apply the skills they have gained while being involved at the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse provides support and resources to assist members in securing and maintaining permanent employment.

Like other Clubhouses throughout the United States and internationally, the Santa Fe Clubhouse is focused on the work-ordered day. Members help prepare the noon lunch, wash dishes, take out the trash, offer tours, answer phones, sweep floors, and clean bathrooms. One very important job – working in the kitchen – gives members the opportunity to learn cooking skills, share their skills with others and gain experience in a semi-commercial kitchen setting. These skills help build a resume for those who are interested in restaurant work.

The Clubhouse also features numerous groups and classes for members to choose that allow them to develop their life skills, practice positive coping skills and engage in pro-social activities. Some groups include: meditation, creative writing, beading, communication, newsletter, arts and crafts, games and even the joy of singing!

Some skills client can gain through their time in the groups are:
Conflict Resolution
Healthy Boundaries
Positive Communication
Meditation to reduce anxiety
Art/writing as a therapeutic tool
Replacing harmful behavior with helpful behavior
Cooking skills
Menu planning

Computers are available for members to use to create or update their resumes, learn computer skills, open email accounts and apply for jobs. Staff and members help those who need technical assistance. One member recently affirmed: “There are great resources here. You know you can go to the library, but you don’t get the warmth and caring that you feel at the clubhouse. The beauty of this place is that it creates for members a safe place to individually and collectively learn recovery in so many positive ways.”

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