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At The Life Link, our mission has always been to Keep Hope Alive, especially for our community members struggling with housing, addiction, and exploitation. As we experience an increase in mental health challenges our compassionate support for one another is crucial. Join us for our Keep Hope Alive - Voices of the Community Holiday Event and Fundraiser featuring some of Santa Fe’s most acclaimed musicians performing holiday songs to bring good cheer. In addition, enjoy presentations from community leaders, and elected officials, as well as members of The Life Link community sharing stories of hope and inspiration. The event starts with a reception where you will be served delicious appetizers and sweets, Gruet champagne, and other drink options. We look forward to sharing hope and connection with you!

We are now accepting sponsorship partners for our 2023 Keep Hope Alive Concert!

This event will feature local performers and speakers and will be a very uplifting night. Please help us improve individual and community health through recovery support, healing, outreach, and housing. We can’t do this without you!


 10 Tickets to the Event, full-page ad in the event program, logo on all promotional materials, logo on all promo materials, logo banner in event ballroom, logo and link on The Life Link website.


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logo and link onThe Life Link website


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The Life Link Website


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Keep Hope Alive 2022

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Keep Hope Alive Online 2021

Check out last years Keep Hope alive 

At The Life Link, our mission has always been to Keep Hope Alive. As we experience an increase in mental health challenges our compassionate support for one another is crucial. Join us for our Keep Hope Alive Online Holiday Concert featuring some of Santa Fe’s most acclaimed musicians performing holiday songs to bring good cheer. Plus meet some of the artists featured in our Holiday Art and Craft Sale.

Sing along on Thursday, December 17th

at 7pm.

Streaming on Facebook/thelifelinkorg or on our website homepage.

Welcome with Dr. Michael DeBernardi, CEO of The Life Link

Welcome and singing “We Shall Be Known” Craig O’Hare, Chair of The Life Link Board 

“Mr. Heat Miser” Jay Heneghan, Faye Heneghan, Meehan Heneghan & Ben Bauer

“Do They Know It’s Christmas Time” Ben Myler

“Coyote Christmas” Ron Whitmore

“This Little Light of Mine” Hearts in Harmony: Angela Gabriel, Jim Goulden, Sarah Nickerson

“Hallelujah” David Geist

Holiday Craft Fair Featured Artist: Carmen Contreras

“Miracle Christmas” Eugene Ruff-Wagner

“Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” EJ Scarinzi of the HollyHocks and Lucy Barna

“Run, Run Rudolph” Josh Christina

Holiday Craft Fair Featured Artist: David Trujillo

“Christmas Songs” Robyn Ruff-Wagner

“Mary Did You Know” Stephen Martines and Chuck Panano

“Walking in the Air” Aimee Wilson

“Christmas in Santa Fe” Eryn Bent

“Jingle Bell Rock” Isaiah and Mario Montoya from Santa Fe Prep

“Last Christmas” Lexi Cline

Holiday Craft Fair Featured Artist: The Land of Tranquil Light

“Perfect Gift” Judy Paster

“The Swan” Jennie and Guilia Baccante from Santa Fe Prep

“Our World” Beth Chapman

Holiday Craft Fair Featured Artist: Jodi Drinkwater

“Hard Candy Christmas” Dariann Leigh

Holiday Craft Fair Featured Artist: Robyn Ruff-Wagner

“Reinvent Yourself” Chris Chickering

“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” Jay Heneghan

“Christmas Time” Hearts in Harmony: Angela Gabriel, and Sarah Nickerson


Eryn Bent 

Eryn Bent is an award-winning, Santa Fe based singer-songwriter that moved from her home state of Montana in 2010 to Santa Fe, New Mexico and has been touring and playing locally ever since. “Christmas in Santa Fe” is a new holiday original, filmed and recorded at Frogville Studio in Santa Fe.

Jay Heneghan, Faye Heneghan, Meehan Heneghan and Ben Baur perform “Heat Miser” from The Year without Santa Clause.

David Geist Musical artist David Geist performs Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah", quarantining from a hotel room in San Diego.

Ben Myler performs "Do they know it’s Christmas" Time by Band-Aid 1984

Ben Myler is a supervisor at St. Elizabeth Shelter and Housing Solutions. They are covering the song do they know it’s Christmas time by Band-Aid 1984 @bmyler on instagram

Ron Whitmore 

I wrote "Coyote Christmas" about 5 years ago because I finally got tired of listening to “Grandma got run over by a reindeer’ and like  funny Christmas songs. I have 10 grandchildren now so I put it on CD and gave them all a copy and  they play it till it drives their parents crazy…just like their parents did to us when they were teenagers growing up under our roof….holiday payback time....

Chris Chickering

I'm a singer-songwriter and therapist from Santa Fe whose passionate about creating music that lift's people's spirits. --- This song is called "Reinvent Yourself" because sometimes, you can't control what happens to you in this crazy world, but you can always choose what to do with it on the inside.

Jodi Drinkwater plays a sweet Christmas Lullaby on her xylophone.

Lexi Cline: Quirky, magnetic and honest to a fault, pop newcomer Lexi Cline is shamelessly vulnerable in her original music - candidly singing lyrical diary entries. She is one of pop's most distinct, young voices, and she is here today to sing "Last Christmas"


The Land of Tranquil Light performs The Ultimate Jazz beside The Village Sage Tenants Association Christmas tree.

EJ Scarinzi, Singer/Songwriter of The HollyHocks And Lucy Barna, Singer/Songwriter

EJ Scarinzi/Betsy is the Singer/Songwriter for The HollyHocks who released a Five Song EP Called "FireFly" last year which made quite an impact.  She was this year's recipient of The New Mexico Music Commissio "Eric Larson Lifetime Achievement Award."  Her story is one of hope, heart and the overcoming of obstacles and she looks forward to performing with Singer/Songwriter and good friend Lucy Barna.  Lucy has worn many hats around these parts and is most notably one of the founding members of the Band "Hot Honey".  In addition, Lucy is a Singer/Songwriter and can be found at many of our venues keeping audiences mesmerized with her heartfelt lyrics and her enticing vocals.

Angela Gabriel, Sarah Nickerson and Jim Goulden facilitate the Hearts In Harmony chorus at Pete’s Place - sponsored by Santa Fe Desert Chorale. Sarah and Angela are the co-directors and Jim is support.

Judy Paster: Evoking a sense of nostalgia for 1960s peace-preaching folk anthems, Judy Paster breathes life back into the timeless roots music genre. Here, she is singing her brand new original Christmas song, "Perfect Gift," available everywhere now.


Robyn Ruff-Wagner has been playing and writing music since she can remember. She recently released her third album, "Wild Heart" and plans to release a fourth next year. Robyn loves working for the Life Link and getting to help others every day. Her message of hope is this: Despite the darkness, there will always be light again, and it does get better--hang in there and never stop fighting. 

Stephen Martines (pronounced Martinez) is an actor and country music artist. Best known for his rolls in General Hospital, Vampire Diaries, Burn Notice, The Closer and more, Stephen Martines is making moves in music with the release of his new single "Chasing Summer" on Dec 17. Christmas is his absolute favorite time of year and says his house "looks like the Griswold's". and 


Eugene Ruff-Wagner

I began my music career playing the trumpet at age 10, eventually switching to drums, performing professionally as a rock and country drummer since 1975.  I do like to dabble in songwriting on the guitar, so I have submitted two songs of hope for the season, one called "Grateful" and one called "Miracle Christmas," both inspired by simple observation.


Aimee Wilson

Aimee lives in Abiquiu nm and is working to build a grief sanctuary holding space for folks going through various transitions. They have worked with housing programs in both Philadelphia and Espanola, nm. They are covering the song “walking through the air” which was featured in the animated film “the snowman” they are accompanied by their landmates Ben and Jupiter.

My name is Jennie Baccante and I am a Juilliard School graduate and professional violinist. I am a member of the Santa Fe Opera, the Santa Fe Symphony and the National Ballet of Canada Orchestra in Toronto, Canada. My piano playing daughter Giulia (pronounced Julia) is an 8th grader here in Santa Fe and I am fortunate to have her be my duet partner for Camille Saint-Saens "The Swan".

Dariann Leigh: Big city beauty matched with small town humility, Dariann Leigh writes the soundtracks for hairbrush singers, dashboard drummers and air guitar players everywhere. She may have made waves in the Midwest with multiple Midwest Award nomination, but wherever she goes - from Nashville to touring country-wide - she turns heads. Here is her performance of "Hard Candy Christmas" from her "Church Sessions: Christmas Edition" video series. 

Josh Christina: Bringing retro back in all the right ways, Josh Christina is a rock & roll revivalist with grand stage presence and a respect for those who paved the way. His piano playing ability is unparalleled, and now he is performing "Run Run Rudolph" for us on the ivory keys.

Chelsey James is a powerhouse vocalist who sings with passion, grace and ingenuity.

Isaiah Montoya 10th grader at Santa Fe Prep playing guitar, dad Mario Montoya singing.  Video was recorded in the downtown area of Santa Fe.

Beth Chapman

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