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The Life Link's IOP is a program designed to reach individuals
who need consistency and frequency in treatment. It is designed for persons who may have not responded to previous treatment approaches, have external requirements (e.g. court-mandated treatment), are not in need of inpatient treatment, or have recently completed an inpatient program and need extra
support in the transition to recovery.

The Life Link is proud to offer an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program (IOP) for clients with substance abuse/dependence or co-occuring issues. Utilizing the same evidence bases approaches as the Life Link's other programs, the IOP employs therapeutic, educational, social, familial, recreational, and vocational strategies to aid clients in the process
of change and recovery.

The IOP is an intensive treatment program that 

provides between 10 and 16 hours of programming per week over a minimum twelve-week cycle. Specific components include:

  • behavioral, social, and living skills training

  • relationship therapy

  • motivational enhancement

  • wellness education

  • substance monitoring

  • emotional self-help

  • job skills

  • relapse prevention

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