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"Let's Make Art from Our Heart" / PAINTING


Participants will be creating paintings of hearts, (the theme of the class). A colorful heart painting brightens every room and uplifts both the creators and viewers of the art. In these crazy times I think we can all agree that a creative evening spent while creating a heart, a symbol of both love and compassion, could be just the feel good we need. My aim is to allow participants to delve into some of their own creative impulses while also having a subject or even a specific reference to use if they choose. The class will begin with a short introduction about the materials and how to work with them. I will then demonstrate the steps necessary to begin the layout and creation of the painting. I will provide several examples of various heart inspired paintings and coach participants as they work, assisting through each step of the process. At the end of the session participants will have their own painting to hang, a souvenir of a special art-experience in support of a great cause.


Any size canvas will work. Michael's and Hobby Lobby have paint kits and brushes. You may want a table easel. If you have time to order online all supplies are easy and cheap to get at my favorite art catalog,


Two items I'm recommending are from Michael's, it's the tabletop easel and a paint brush set. Michaels… TableTop Easel:





White Paint:

Palette Knives:


Laura Tarnoff is a full time fine artist and studio art instructor living in Santa Fe, NM. She holds a formal education from the American Academy of Art in Chicago and a current NM Level 2 Art Education License. She has been teaching art since 1995 that's 25+ Years!

Laura's work is vibrant and painterly ranging from tight realism to wild non objective abstractions.
To see her work go to her website at Most of Laura's body of work is what she calls "Figurative Abstractions",  where she expresses herself through emotionally charged colors, figurative distortions and expressive brush strokes. Laura is very passionate about community, sharing, collaborating and creating. She has been a very active member of the visual arts community in Santa Fe for many years and is the former founder and executive director of a local art center that thrived for 8 years. She also hosts an open studio painting group at her home studio

every Thursday from 12-5 pm.


Website: Gallery and Downtown Santa Fe Art School:

Facebook Page: Facebook Page:



Laura’s YouTube Channel:

artful Soul YouTube Channel:

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