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Free Webinar: Soul Mandalas: A Meditation on Self Compassion

Updated: May 17, 2020

 Soul Mandalas: A Meditation on Self Compassion

Presenter: Alanna Burke-Sindlinger, ATR-BC, LPAT, LPCC

Wednesday, May 20th 12noon - 1pm on ZOOM REGISTER

This webinar will focus on cultivating wholeness and self compassion. You will be asked to use your own internal power source in generating self compassion and kindness to fill your well and bring wholeness to your life. What are you needing to call forth? What are you needing to cultivate? What are you needing to solidify in your whole being?

Often times we become fragmented in this busy, fast paced world where our attention is being pulled in many different directions. Now is a perfect time to slow down, be still and give yourself permission to be who you are without judgement. Now is the perfect time to be present in all aspects of self and to show up in love and kindness for all and most importantly for you.

This webinar will give you an opportunity to do that and learn a skill that you can carry with you and offer to others.

We will be creating small and simple soul mandalas. Suggested materials include:Thicker paper (watercolor paper is best), colored pencils, watercolor, brushes, scissors, and black pen or markers that do not bleed when wet, but bring what you have and I guarantee you that it will be possible to use. We will make it work. 

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