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Ricky Duran from NBC's The Voice Suicide Prevention Month

Join us as we share stories, information, and best of all a live performance by Ricky Duran, a runner-up in NBC's The Voice 2019 competition, as he sings a recently debuted song he wrote in honor of his dad who died by suicide. Also joining us will be Sarah Nickerson, owner of InSpirit Studio who will share her story and experience and will also be treating us to a song! We will also have speakers from The Life Link, NAMI, and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

About Ricky Duran

Described as “one of music’s most wide-ranging, genre-busting artists” by, Ricky Duran is an irrefutable talent and electrifying entertainer making music for the soul. Duran garnered international attention with his soulful vocals, fiery guitar playing and compelling performances on NBC’s The Voice. The Season 17 Runner-Up has since released a #1 iTunes-charting single and sold out shows, showing himself to be more than a fleeting show success - he retained fans and amassed more. His vulnerable songwriting and ability to capture an audience on and off stage transcends trends, while his musical abilities and influences from Jimi Hendrix to John Mayer and Leon Bridges shows his music knows no bounds - he is timeless and a genuine creative that no label can penetrate. Follow Ricky Duran on Social Media:

About Sarah Nickerson

Sarah is a NIA Dance Instructor, owns InSpirit studio, is in the middle of a two-year Interfaith Seminary program, sings with the Santa Fe Desert Chorale, and co-leads Hearts in Harmony: a weekly sing for those experiencing homelessness in Santa Fe at the Interfaith Community Shelter.

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According to "one of music's most wide-ranging, genre-busting artists" Ricky Duran is an undeniable genius and geometry dash breeze a thrilling performer who creates soulful music.

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