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A Life Link Art Show at Counter Culture

Counter Culture Cafe (930 Baca St.) is hosting an Art Show for our Clubhouse Members and the Opening is next Tuesday, January 7th from 5-8pm. 

The show is called "An Eye on Mental Diversity: Artwork by The Life Link Clubhouse Members, Artists, Creatives and Activists" and will be featured throughout the month of January 20% of dinner sales will also go to The Life Link so please join us for dinner next Tuesday night!

"An Eye on Mental Diversity"

The aim of this unveiling by Life Link members, is to begin a conversation by mentally diverse, artists, creatives and activists to work on an alternative linguistic and to open the door for dignity and destigmatizing of those who have been labeled “mentally ill”. We believe that we are more than our diagnosis and don’t accept common societal myths, culturally produced by mass media narratives.

We are a community with the desire to have a freedom of expression and it is through art that many of us find our humanity, it is where we find our voice. Today we are entering the public sphere, Creating the possibility of moving beyond bigotry, sharing our reality and relaying to the greater community that all of us are in some way on the mental health spectrum.

We hope that you feel touched and inspired by our expression. Also, we hope you fall in love with the art enough to take it home with you. All the proceeds from this go back to the artists and to support other Life Link art projects.

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